Using UMM?

I looked through the pages but could not really find a good description on how to add UMM to my map rotation. I know i have to go into my Server config, just not sure what to do


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    I'm sure if you ask the great folks @ Beer_Me they can help you. Roach is always around these forums? You can pm him or Chainsaw and they can explain it to you.
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    This should work for all hosted servers. It should be roughly the same if you are hosting it on your PC, but you may not have to use FTP to upload and modify files.

    1) Stop the server
    2) Create folder on the server using FTP "AAPG\AAGame\CookedPC\UserMadeMaps"
    3) Copy any umap files along with their metadata files into that folder
    4) Open the AAGame.ini file on the server
    5) Scroll down to the section titled "[AAGame.AADataStore_OnlineGameSearch]"
    6) For each map you want to add to the rotation, create a line like MapRotationList=MapName
    e.g. MapRotationList=FLO_Rusneyev$76561197971401004_ex
    You get the name from the file name, less the umap extension.
    7) If you don't want a map in the rotation, but you want to be able to vote (when voting works properly) add lines with MapVoteList=MapName
    8) Start the server
    9) Enter the server, login as admin, and try changing the map. If a map is large, it might cause the server to throw you out, but just wait a minute and reconnect, as the server may need to rebuild the map's shader cache.

    The only thing above I am not 100% certain on, because I have had it working both ways, is that you may need to put quotes around the map name to get it to work
    e.g. MapRotationList="FLO_Rusneyev$76561197971401004_ex"
    and MapVoteList="FLO_Rusneyev$76561197971401004_ex"
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    ^^ figured out how to add map thanks to that procedure.. just want to add:

    Step 3) Copy any umap files along with their metadata files into that folder

    2 files needed:

    file location is ProgramFiles(86)/Steam/Steamapps/workshop/content/203290/ ... umap file
    ProgramFiles(86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/AmericasArmy/AAPG/AAgame/CookedPC/UserMadeMaps/.... umap.status File

    Here you will find lots of numbers.. one of those is the map you want to load
    #Support Comp Mode
  • PV2Felske do what [NoL]Watcher say but only one thing.
    You don't need to stop your server to do it.
    If you made any change on the server these new changes will be loaded after the next match.
    So if you put new maps on the server and edit game.ini after the next load match it will show in your server.
    If you nedd more help I'm around.
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    I only say it is best to stop the server because:

    1) if you add a map while people are on the server, they may not have it subscribed, and then will get kicked when the map is changed anyway.

    2) If you are updating a map with a new version, most servers will not allow an overwrite whilst the server is running (I know LowPingGameServers don't). Plus this could also cause version mismatches with people still on the server.
  • you are right dude.
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