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can you set the draw distance in the editor ? because as someone pointed out to me this morning huge maps half the assets and terrain disappear . and also does this behave the same way in the game ?


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    Yes. you can set each mesh's draw distance individually or by using volume. The landscape can also be changed using lod value. You can go in wireframe mode and bring up landscapes properties and change the value and you'll see it change the LS components( boxes) I believe default value is 1.000, the lower the number the higher the detail. The think you can go from .1 to 3.000 least detail.
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    You certainly can :) here's where you need to make the changes in a mesh(s) properties (F4) look for this..


    Changing max draw distance will change how far away you are before the mesh is rendered, this can help performance immensely.

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    As wolvie said, you can also use cull distance volumes..


    You use the builder brush to make the size/shape you need, then click on add volume (on left sidebar) and choose CullDistanceVolume.
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    Or you could use a CDV"cull dist volume"..
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    Thanks guys , sorry for so many questions but none of tutorials on the list page work for me lol
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    awesome ... just changing the LS draw fix all the issues :smile:
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