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Using the advanced editor I create a new terrain (tools > new terrain). Then I open the terrain editor and increase tessellation 2 or 3 times.

Next I create a new terrain setup layer, then after that, I right click that layer and create a new material. Locating that material in the content browser, I right click and go to properties. The very bottom option under the "material" option is "material". I select the texture I want to use in the content browser, which in this case is found under EngineDebugMaterials. It is the DrySand_D texture. With that selected I go back over to my material properties window and try to import it using the little arrow down by the field. This is the method shown in various unreal tutorials, but it doesn't actually use the texture; the field stays blank. Do I need to find textures somewhere else? Where should I look for stuff to use? Any help is appreciated.


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    Found a sand texture under materials that works. Is there anywhere I could look for more terrain options?
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    I've no experience using terrain I'm afraid, however I can offer some advice, something I do myself which not only saves time.. It sets up the pre-requistes needed to set up a mission so its a good place to start.

    - open the easy editor, choose a template and give it name, objective chioce etc..
    Then after it loads, save and exit
    - Fire up the full editor then open that map you just created in the basic, you can then use the landscape tool to make changes to your terrain/landscape and you already have all you need to make your map, you just have to do the asset placement part and move things to where you need them, you can remove or change anything that the devs have put into the template if you wish replacing them for your own :)
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    Do not use the Terrain, it's not fully supported. You'll have issues using physical materials for different layers. Use Landscape instead. Much better and has much more features you can use plus setting up per material sounds aka physical materials. Many great tutorials out there.

    Here is one to get you started....

    Just do a search for "udk landscape tutorial."

    Good luck! ;)
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    Thanks a lot for the tips and video clip. Much appreciated.
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