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OK, [mod edit]

I republished one of my UMMs yesterday and stuck it on our server. Just loaded it to make sure the shaders were done, and running around got a weird sound/animation when going to vault through a window.

Is this new? Has it always been there? Why have I never seen it before?


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    It's been there, but never public....
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Enjoy the new feature! :smiley:

    Also, some animators have some explaining to do....
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    I was wondering where those sounds came from when I was looking through the content browser. The fact that there's an animation with it makes it great :smiley:
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    Haha! nice :)

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    That was our placeholder animation for opening doors.

    It was really funny.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Hahahaha! I haven't seen that anim in-game for years.

    And now for the explaining:
    Way back in pre-alpha, I stuck in the falcon punch as a placeholder for the first iteration of our melee system. It was in third person only, so the camera would pull out so you could see yourself melee someone else. It was also usable from in front of your target, not just by sneaking up behind them. One of the programmers was even kind enough to apply ragdoll physics when the punch went through.

    During the first playtest after I stuck it in, everyone was trying to melee. One of the best parts was that the sound is global, so every time a melee happened everyone in the server heard it.

    The falcon punch was removed and replaced soon afterward with a more fitting animation and sound.

    Fast forward a couple years, and we were considering adding a door system. I popped the falcon punch back in (with a first-person component as well) for some system prototyping. Then doors got put on hold and the anim was left the way it is now. I didn't think anyone had written code to trigger it yet. Clearly I was wrong.
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    FunPolice wrote: »
    It's been there, but never public....

    One of those, "Let's waste some time on Friday and get home early." kind of things.
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    The yell is wrong though, he should've punched after finishing saying it.

    Oh, how I love SSB (Especially Melee) :smiley:
  • Wow that audio file would definitely hype me up during a match!
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