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Now Hospital is a map that has problems, first of all lack completely of 'rhythm' and is too dispersive. Probably with a 'VIP' mode it should be better but now extraction is not really a valid 'surrogate' of it. So, what to do?

1) divide at spawn assault squad, so one or two attackers should spawn on the same location of the flag with the clear plan to try to exit with it. This should dislocate the fighting routes from interior to exterior and give a clear objective to the attackers: help the soldiers with flag to exit.

2) close the upper gallery and close the doors between surgery and dark room. In this way we have less routes for the extraction.

3) move the extraction point in the burger's big exit.

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    Your essentially creating a "bridge like" scenario with hospital....never going to work.
    It took my old clanmates some time to warm up to SF HOSPITAL being shrank to what is now "Inner Hospital" and to shrink it more would make it unplayable.

    I do agree with a VIP MODE which I have asked for since this version was initially announced going into development. I have yet to hear a definitive answer on YES we are making vip mode or it's never going to be made again.
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    I guess they like to keep some of their trump cards pretty close to their chests, I think HVT or VIP.. suffers the same fate as doors do, its obviously something they want to add, there is even hints of it in the game (guy in a medical bed) behind surgery.. and we got to test some maps that had doors a few months back, I think it's more a case of 'when' than 'if ever' for things like this, devs joke about it and throw the occasional bone so it keeps you clinging on.

    BTW, if you use the map editor, there are some goodies in there that kinda spoil surprises, but then I've seen things in there in the past and then noticed they are gone after the next update, never to be seen again, so.. who knows. They must like to test a lot of things.
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    As I've said in other threads, swapping spawns would be the best and easiest approach to changing the feel of the map. Assault gets to flag first and then still has to get out of the hospital to extract. To me if the assault team has to clear a good portion of the defense squad just to get to the flag, the objective first approach fails. Give the assault team a chance to extract as a unit.
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    Not a bad idea, hospital is collecting dust, so experimenting with it would only be positive.

    But Is it that hard to code a VIP mode?

    It's a no brainer decision to want to add it, there's been a demand for it since day 1 and it would make hospital a map that is played again instead of a map that is actively avoided by most people.

    Probably VIP is not a priority but stuck in the pipeline somewhere.
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