How to stop sound bleed over through walls and objects - Occlusion and Obstruct

Occlusion and Obstruct

The Meshes in AAPG allow for you to have the ability to stop or absorb a sound. This is without having to create a reverb. Just like light, the sound leaves the point of origination and fans out in rays. By adding this feature, sound will only go through open areas (like doors) or areas that are not setup. The process is very easy and provides realistic sounds.

To do this.

Step 1 - Select all the WISE sounds that you would like for this to happen or use Select all ambient sounds and select the box "Occlusion"
Step 2 - Find the WISE files that need to have the occlusion happen to in the Content Browser. Edit the properties inside the content browsers (not in the map). Once you find them in the content browser you can double click them and it will open it up.
Step 3 - You need to add occlusion and obstruction to the Meshes. To do this you need click the individual meshes or select all of that material type and hit F4 or go to properties. In the properties open the collision drop down. In there find the Audio. When you open the audio you will see Obstruct and different line for Occlusion. It is rather easy on how it works. 0 is 0% where 1.0 is 100%. So never go over 1.0 for anything. I recommend doing Obstruct at 6-8 and Occlusion 4-6. For areas like floors where you don't want to hear what is above you or below you I recommend Obstruct 9 and Occlusion 8. That way you can hear a person running above you. Please feel free to test this and play around with it. Once done, just save the map and test.

It is easy to hear if you are doing it right if you start at 1.0 on both. Then adjust down to your liking. I will repost this in a new thread for people to find.



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    OK bud, Just to be clear and not be misleading and confuse people. You can NOT change any values on any of the cooked content in the browser. So....If an Ambient sound doesn't have Occlusion Enabled, you can not enable it. It will let you, but once you close the editor it will ask you to save that upk file, that will cause you to have mismatches and your map will crash. The rest is fine. anything that has Occlusion Enabled, you can just drop it in your map enable the Occlusion box in its properties and control it by changing the value in the static mesh properties. That is why I didn't want to add it in the video, so I don't confuse people.

    So if Occlusion is enabled in the content browser, you can use it in that way, if it doesn't, I wouldn't suggest changing its value in the content browser......Just to be clear ;)
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    And so how to stop sounds passing through walls? The right way seems modify the value in the meshes in the map and do not touch (as usual) anything in the content browser. Right?
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    Correct. I'll be making a video on this later. Stay tuned.
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    Up, any news? :D
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    I've started the tutorial just need to finish it up.
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