Demorec Update (20 Oct 2015)

K!Dz.applePIEK!Dz.applePIE Posts: 1,050Player
So good news.

Demorecs are working again without being stuck on scoreboard at the end of 1st round.

There is still a small bug in the system:

If the person you are spectating dies and the next player is selected, the name stays the same.
You can get rid of this bug by simply switching between different cameras.

Still getting better everyday..


  • weakness_aaweakness_aa Posts: 148Player
    After today's update 10/28/2015, at the end of watching a recorded demo's 1st round, my screen is still stuck at the scoreboard with no way to eliminate it.
  • K!Dz.applePIEK!Dz.applePIE Posts: 1,050Player
    I am not having this problem anymore.

    What I do is this : run demorec from console, when in game just go to spectate. Shortly for round end switch to free camera.
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