Motion Blur - Is it advantageous to use?

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I have enable motion blur for a while now but I'm not sure if it really helps my game-play or if it's just eye-candy using resources. I notice that my aimdot will turn into a fuzzy short line when I look left or right but only on the horizontal axis. I don't notice that effect looking up and down at all. I have a 24" monitor and I'm about 19" from the screen so I think I get a natural motion blur in my peripheral vision anyway.

Is it worth enabling motion blur?
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  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    I disable motion blur in every single game I play that allows it to be turned off.

    Where I would usually be a stickler for keeping everything almost vanilla so that I can fully enjoy a good looking game.. I much prefer the better clarity you get without it enabled. I would even say it can make games look worse, all that blurring everywhere you look, not for me.

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    From my perspective, I have Motion Blur disabled, because sometime you can't notice enemy because when you turn around everything is blured, way easier to see it without blur.
    It's your decision weather you use it or not, Blur will never give you advantage in killing, just the graphical diference if you like it.
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    Motion blur in games are a post processing effect to cover up poor framerate.
    Even tho, i haven't tested, being a img processing "thing" it might effect framerate negative.
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    Oh well, guess I'll disable it then...

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    I hate Motion blur and I'm glad this game has it off by default!
    Oh well.
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