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This TS is for anyone who is looking for a pickup game, 4v4 scrim, 5v5 scrim, or just to play some pubs! If you don't have a teamspeak or you are just looking to find new players to play with feel free to jump in.

Please make sure you follow all rules. These are also posted in the TS itself.

1) Respect the admins and all players!
2) Do not spam. (Channelhopping is also spam!)
3) No racism, racism will provide you an instant ban.
4) No verbal abuse.
5) If you dont belong in a channel. Then please stay out of it.
6) Please use a pub channel if talking about the game, do not use the lobby
7) If a team is doing a scrim/match. Do not join that channel Unless you are a member of that team.
8)The channel admin has the responsibility for the channel/server.
If u have problems, contact the admins in charge.

If you have any questions or you frequent the TS often and would like to become a channel admin contact Saint or myself.

I always like to sit in my clans TS but also in this one just in case someone hops on. In order to join more than one TS at a time just click "Bookmarks", Right Click on the server you want to join, and select "Connect In a New Tab"
Note: you can only have your mic open in one TS at a time. To switch make the TS you want to speak in active, then press the mic button with a checkmark on it.

Special thanks to )OFB(^Saint^ for donating the server!
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