Best round ever since new release!

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I joined on the last round in this match and went 13-1... on Redline C4. My best ever! No M24 to start but I did pick up one during the round and made good use on it. Wish I would have got the last guy.

Would love to do this every round. Working on it.


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    I have been streaming a lot more lately to try and get some 'rare' good rounds on video, trouble is as soon as I launch OBS, I magically turn into some incompetent nub and can't play the game :lol:

    gg's last night by the way :) (or was it today?) darn this old brain..
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    Is was last night. I would have never expected to get that score by just jumping in. I don't record because I play according to number of cups of coffee I can consume (which is different each day). Besides, videoing me doing a round like that is equivalent to catching a UFO over the White House.

    Still wish I got that last guy though...
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