Abusing "switch to spectate" for player number advantage

SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
edited October 2015 in General Discussion
I just watched a clan of players do the following with the teams.
- join a 9v10 match
- set up part of their clan on one team (11v10)
- have another clanmember join the other side (now 11v11)
- bring a last guy in to fill their team (12v11)
- drop their other guy to spectate when the round was about to begin (12v10)

This continued for the rest of the match. If a player left their side (11v10), they'd repeat the process to bring in another clanmember and keep up the two-man advantage. If a player left the other team, they'd adjust to maintain the two-man advantage without ever having to play against themselves.

I don't particularly like that it's possible for organized players to guarantee a two-man advantage on partially-filled servers. Any thoughts on how this might be addressed?


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