Hawkeyes not recording

Today I had to Hawkeye achievements on the Bridge map , but they did not record in my F1 screen , this is gonna make it hard to get my weapon camo !


  • Dem@nDem@n Posts: 564Player
    took me 3 golden hawkeyes to get it in the achievement tab.

    don't use nades
    don't use other weapons even pistol
    don't choke.
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    Well it now recorded another hawkeye that I got , and then a second one did not record?
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    AAnd again , I got 2 more hawkeyes that do not show in my achievments toward my weapon camo
  • ElementisElementis Posts: 134Player
    I also had a problem with hawkeyes not being recorded during my m4 weapon challenge, but they seem to be recording to the menu now.
  • CPL_RadarCPL_Radar Posts: 2Player
    This. Nothing is showing. I just got 3 Hawkeye, 1 Silver, 1 Gold. Nothing showed. There is no way I can get that silver again, let alone that gold.
  • ElementisElementis Posts: 134Player
    Yup, I just had a few hawkeyes that didn't get recorded. It's like a 1/3 gets recorded.
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    It seems that Demon , nailed it . You have to use only that gun (the one your working on achievements for)
    Grenades and other weapons do not count ONLY THE WEAPON YOURR WORKING ON.
    I followed this guide and got all 10 today. Good Luck
  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
    edited October 2015
    Also, it may not be clear, but you need to get the Hawkeye using the M4 for all three kills. Thus two M4 kills and an M9 kills is a Hawkeye, but doesn't count towards the M4 weapon challenge.

    The same would likely hold for the higher challenges.
  • Also if you go above a hawkeye... I think its a silver hawkeye (you get the point) it will not record a hawkeye on what ever weapon you are using
  • CPL_RadarCPL_Radar Posts: 2Player
    It worked for awhile, now I switched to m16, and no kills (not just hawkeyes) are being recorded. I'm certain it's the same problem.
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