MAP FEEDBACK: Intercept C4

[Dev]Rawrster[Dev]Rawrster Posts: 329Developer
We are back to 6v6 Intercept this week. This time with a C4 objective. I should note that this is NOT replacing the EX, just something we are looking at as an addition. Any opinions on how this version is playing out?


  • iNv|eKCommiNv|eKComm Posts: 394Player
    Again removing the ability to get on mill is pretty lame. It was a great risk/reward spot.
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    2 bombsite would be better imo, the other 1 could be in the colosseum area.
    I like the idea of multiple plant spots for 1 bombsite, but I think a plant area would be even better
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  • stolAddstolAdd Posts: 7Player
    Still gives me headache after 20mins playtime, with all these leaves and stuff on background
  • .sauce.sauce Posts: 308Player
    Was getting 30-40 fps with gunshots around me, not even sure when being actually shot at, but performance has taken a turn for the worst. admittedly I only played a match on intercept last night and one on breach the night before, but both were fps nightmares with all in-game settings to off or low. Even standing still at the start i was seeing dips into the 70's. I don't know if it's the extra artwork or if it's something the dev team is testing, but it's not fun to play when you can feel pc lag that heavily.
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  • ddra-ddra- Posts: 454Player
    Again removing the ability to get on mill is pretty lame. It was a great risk/reward spot.

    Akin to the Shadowstep window change, the crossfire couch... I understand these spots may not have been intentional, but they worked out well.

    A second bomb location could work under bastion, behind the middle wall facing the attic/lower level.
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