Opt in 2 minimap suggestion(s)

omerta`jeeomerta`jee Posts: 54Player
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Which dude on the map is me? Your icon should stand out compare to the others.


  • .shhfiftyfive-.shhfiftyfive- Posts: 495Player
    i suggest we get a toggle button to swap the size of the minimap. like bf3. you press a button and the minimap gets a bit bigger so you can see more, but you sacrafice a bit more of your screen for it.. not like bf4 though. they replaced that with the button just pulling up a full screen map that didn't rotate with your character.

  • veek.borgveek.borg Posts: 36Player
    Mini map and reg map, should be the same, less confusion. Enemy spoted out of dist should show up on the outter rim of the mini map. Enemys above normal or below normal should show as arrows (up / down).
  • JungleSheepJungleSheep Posts: 87Player
    Would it be possible to replace the teammate arrow with a solid dot and a thin line indicating direction? The arrows are confusing as they seem like they are part of the compass direction and make it hard to count the number of teammates with a quick glance especially when there are a bunch of arrows together. They shouldn't be the same color as the compass direction too.

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