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I have been running server on Intel® Atom™ 330 Dual-Core 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM these past few days.
The resources are 30% CPU and 80% RAM when 12 or more people are on.

When the server has more than 12 player it starts lagging. CPU and RAM Still holding 30% CPU and 80% RAM.
My question is does anyone knows minimum requirements and will SSD help.

Thank you,
Matic Zajc


  • GoA]z!o[N]cya[GoA]z!o[N]cya[ Posts: 109Player
    What are the connection specs ?
  • 1G on 100M firewall
  • snipershadysnipershady Posts: 60Player
    AA use more then 1,9 Gb of RAM for 1 game-server

    if you have 2Gb as total of your PC, where the 1st one will be used for OS (about 800-900Mb)
    You'd have to "enjoy" with 1 Gb of Memory for a Game that use more RAM then a "client side" Battlefield?

    You definitely cannot host AA on that HW.

    You need more CPU and at least 3Gb of RAM for EACH GAME SERVER
  • I switched to new computer with 8GB RAM, SSD and S1260 processor Dual-Core 2GHz.
    I still have issues with loading times. It takes so long to load maps that you get dropped from server. I guess you need more powerful processor with bigger cache.
  • snipershadysnipershady Posts: 60Player
    the problem is the CPU
    S1260 is a netbook cpu... good for smartphones, not for servers :D
  • OK now I changed server again with:
    SuperMicro X7DBR-E
    2 x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5450
    4 x 2GB 667 MHz FB-DIMM ECC DDR2 SDRAM
    1 x 120GB SSD

    And issue still remains. I will try to reinstall and see if it helps.
  • snipershadysnipershady Posts: 60Player
    1 gameserver on that hw should works fine
    what OS ?
  • I have WS 2012 for testing.

    I think I found what is causing this lag. It's firewall that is blocking/slowing down communication. Yesterday I switched to different firewall and ping was significantly lower. Still need to test when server is full.
  • Bashar_al-AssadBashar_al-Assad Posts: 579Player
    Just wondering, what internet connection should you have to start a server?
  • My guess is 100 Mbps upload and download, with good or without firewall.
  • snipershadysnipershady Posts: 60Player
    without firewall? A public server? Really?

    Set it fine, but do not disable it!

    p.s. 100 up and down, Will be fine.
    Lot of Game Service Provider, used that connections.

    (On my server I got pure gigabit with up 980 and down 960 on speedtest, but Gameservers use about 1-2% of it)
  • without firewall? A public server? Really?

    Set it fine, but do not disable it!
    I agree :smiley:
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