Unbanning player from server

Please help. I banned a player from my server about a week and a half ago, and after speaking to that person I decided to lift the ban. I went into the admin panel and tried to remove the ban but it doesn't work. Another admin logged in and unbanned him, but he is still banned when I checked the admin panel and he is unable to join my server. How can it be done?


  • K!Dz.applePIEK!Dz.applePIE Posts: 1,050Player
    Hi I also encountered that bug once or twice..

    What you can do is this:

    1- You can edit the file BPList.dat in your AAGame/Config folder and delete the part about that player.
    This will remove the ban, but the bug might stay for future bans.

    2- You can delete the file above and start over.
    In this option you will lose your current banlist but bug will be gone.

    This is of course only for the admin panel. You can always use a pb banlist in your pb folder which is not bugged from my experience.

  • [=AWOL=]Mr_ice[=AWOL=]Mr_ice Posts: 4Player
    I was unable to locate that .dat file
  • -=TDO=-sgt-jack-=TDO=-sgt-jack Posts: 25Player
    I was unable to locate that .dat file

    follow this rout

    File Manager > \AAPG\AAGame\Config\BPList.dat

  • [=AWOL=]Mr_ice[=AWOL=]Mr_ice Posts: 4Player
    So I followed that pathway but in the config folder there is no BPList.dat file
  • K!Dz.applePIEK!Dz.applePIE Posts: 1,050Player
    Normally a file is generated when the server starts. Do you see anyone on the list in admin panel?
  • [=AWOL=]Mr_ice[=AWOL=]Mr_ice Posts: 4Player
    OK Thanks guys, I found it eventually, seems I have two versions of the game stored on my system (must be from the opt in)
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