AAGame.exe stop working

Hello everyone,

I have a dedicated server running vmware.
Two AA servers, one in Inner Hospital only and the second with 12 vs 12 maps.
I have at least once a day AAGame.exe has stop working.
I deleted the game of two servers, the installation again but the problem persists.

Someone already had this problem and if so the he has resolved ?

Thx for your help


  • [SWISS]Merlin[SWISS]Merlin Posts: 172Player
    i have the same problem. but i did change some ports addresses, maybe it will work now.
    feedback tomorrow about that.
  • Ok Thx Merlin.

    I Try delete the all .ini files and check the installation of AA.
    See if it's work ..
  • Works for me.

    Delete all the .ini files.
    Repair the game.
    And setup your .ini file.

    No any problem ;)
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