Unable to Select Opposite Team in Mission Editor.

There appears to be no way to switch teams while playing inside the mission editor.


  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    bring up you console and type "switchteam 0"

    zero being for for assault/attack and one being for Defend. make sure you have space between team and number.
  • Gindungo_ANGGindungo_ANG Posts: 70Player
    in the old editor, we could see if the objectives were working but now I can see that, when I complete the objectives, nothing happens and I can't know if they are ok or not,
    someone knows how to check this on the editor?
  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    Yes, it's known issues. Dev's do know about.
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