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Why PB commands like "pb_power" or "pb_sv_restart" doesn´t work in the final version? ...new syntax?


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    We have "PunkBuster Server WebTool for PG" the commands work with that.
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    How to set it up.
    Go to

    AAPG\Binaries\Win32\pb\pbsvuser.cfg in your server files

    pb_sv_httpPort #### // Port for WebTool
    pb_sv_httpAddr ##.##.##.## // IP Of Server for remote access for WebTool
    pb_sv_httpKey insertpasswordhere // unique password for WebTool for WebTool

    If your ip is and your password is test, then the port should be 1 + the last 3 digits of the IP.

    For example:

    pb_sv_httpPort 1456
    pb_sv_httpKey test

    To access PB web tool, do the following:


    For our example it would be:

    You must have the password/key entered all the time in order for the buttons to work.
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    Thanks Delton, we use the Webtool too and it works without problems but InGame commands from console doesn´t work i.e. for the PB powerpoints.
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    For me it was working on some Servers yesterday (e.g. pb_writecfg), on others it didnt. Maybe depends on the Server settings?
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    edited October 2015
    Would be interesting to find out which settings are related to that!?
    ...or is it still not fully implemented?
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    Hmm OK, seems like the PB commands are working if you are in spectator, not if you are in a team. Hope this will be fixed
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    pb_power works, however to see the list you must have Punkbuster Messages enabled in Settings/Misc.
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