Trying to Authorize a server broken

=U^S=_Mason=U^S=_Mason Posts: 172Beta Tester
I am trying to Auth a server (dedicated box), It keeps telling me Capcha doesn't match. I tried 25 times, same thing. I am typing it in correctly! Please help ASAP.


  • =U^S=_Mason=U^S=_Mason Posts: 172Beta Tester
    Do I need to Authorize a server for the optin ? This is a new server build, not an existing one.
  • GBGangstaGBGangsta Posts: 63Developer
    If you still have issues email IP username and Pword to and I'll register it for you
  • =U^S=_Mason=U^S=_Mason Posts: 172Beta Tester
    Doing that now, thanks
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