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    Bam4D wrote: »
    Bam4D wrote: »

    The over the top, random recoil is enough of a low health penalty as it is.

    The next COMP Pro post: ' RECOIL why it makes me CRY when I Die. '

    This is really big talk for someone who has a 0.65 MATCH WIN LOSS RATIO

    Serious? you guys wouldn't pick the underdogs if your life depended on it... point & click, point hounds, :s with no clue of what AA:PG represents in game-play. :'( In fact we never win matches because IMO a weird person would stay on a side that is 5-0 what is the point? no challenge and kinda mean, not the ARMY way.

    Sometimes go full matches with my only goal, keep a new guy alive!... bet you never played that game mode? :o And if they had a % Number for enemy suppressed I would win, my highest was 32, yes sir 32. :p

    When you come close to my sneaking up on people % level, then pretend you're my equal or better B)

    Your bragging about missing people with your saw 32 times in one match? Your only goal is keeping someone alive/reviving not the objective? cool story bro.
    spot assist means missing enemy kills,surpess fire means shooting back at an enemy that is allready shooting at you regardless of the outcome.

    Over 60 honor and this guy still doesn't understand how simple things in the game work. wow.
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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    If you're already that far, you wouldn't be stopping, and the person was obviously way too slow to respond anyway.
    Most fakes get the very first part of the audio queue and stop. Anything more than that is likely to get you shot if there's actually a competent player waiting.

    Yeah but think if I'm baiting you it doesn't matter how far along I am I'll still stop and try to kill you before I pick up my bait lol

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    SSKoVie wrote: »

    [mod edit - TOS violation]. I've played with Gatuso several times, he can be a real pain in the [mod edit - TOS violation] because of that (I do revive a lot aswell, not that way though).

    P.s. Sorry mods, i didnt know that even a acronym could be a TOS violation :S

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