[Question] Will Incap view settings come back or not?

[GFT]=Joker=[GFT]=Joker= Posts: 11Player
edited September 2015 in Server Support
Some of our players have problems to spectate in the 1st person view. (get headaches / dizziness)
I know for fair play it´s better to deactivate 3rd person view because of TS ghosting but unfortunately there are players having problems spectating others 1st person and they don´t want to tap out of the game everytime if they are down.

So the clear question: Will the server side settings for incap views come back in the new/final version or not?
bAllowIncapMode_SpectateBody=false     <===Missing!
bAllowIncapMode_ActionCam=false     <===Missing!
bAllowIncapMode_3pOrbit=true     <===Missing!
bAllowIncapMode_FreeCam=false     <===Missing!


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