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hi all.. please help us out here. The new map vote is working fine,,,almost...if admin chance map..its still chance map to the one that was vote? so the admin cant do a thing about it?? or can he? how to turn map vote off ?


  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    That system isn't 100% finished yet. We're still working on getting that done!
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • okay,,so there is nothing we can do.?..we cant chance to the map that we want to play,,How can a map vote, over-rule even the admin.....?? nothing in the ini file to turn it off.....very sad ......
  • Bear_82Bear_82 Posts: 385Moderator
    . . .How can a map vote, over-rule even the admin. . .

    how? because it's a bug, not yet fixed
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  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    It can over rule the Admin only if he did the change wrong.

    If the admin forces to change and a message comes up that it will change maps in 5 seconds will
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  • yes, or set the next map before the last round has end,,there will be no vote :) thanks for the help
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