Disk Write Error when installing from steam

Hey there, I can't for the life of me get AAPG to install from steam. This is the only game I'm having issues with. It gets to about 3.0GB of 4.7GB and will not go any further. I have steam installed on one drive and the games on another. I'm running bit defender with my entire steam library folder excluded. Every other game installs no problem, so its something specific to this game. Any ideas?


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    Just a side note I forgot to mention verifying the cache, restarting steam, restarting machine do not fix the issue.
  • Bear_82Bear_82 Posts: 351Moderator
    I had this recently, and found a youtube link that started me on the path to fixing it

    you're probably going to find it's a file (named in the log) that is either locked, or as in my case, was corrupted

    I deleted the corrupted file, and the download proceeded & finished

    the log you're looking for is in Steam/logs/content_log .. scroll to the bottom of the log file, and look for a "failed to write" error, which will list the file name & path of the issue

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