Game active but actually its not.

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I got this annoying bug on steam witch says i am playing AAPG but i aint playing at all its not even open. My steam starts and it instantly goes to playing AAPg without even being in steam.. I mean what :D kinda funny but also annoying cause my game wont start... anybody has encountered this and can tell me how to solve it ?


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    Can you see the game running in Task Manager?
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    Verify that AALauncher32.exe is not in the process list of the task manager.

    If it is, end the process and see if it will behave normally afterward.
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    Note that Steam will show you to be playing online even if you just have the Launcher running, and if you are in the Map Editors.
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  • -sVs.rQm^-sVs.rQm^ Posts: 73Player
    I didn't had anything running. nothing in the services kinda strange...
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