[Released] Interdiction_AI Co-Op Test version!

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Test Version...expect bugs!!

Up to 6 player Co-op.

Should be able to play offline as well, by opening the map up in the game console, or through the launcher, under mission editor/manage.

4 random objectives (Briefcase), and 2 random entry points breach able by C4.
At the moment, there is a limit of 8 AI in the map at a time, since this is such a large map, the underground building has been setup into sections. After all the AI are killed in a section, and their bodies disappear, a new section unlocks, and you move on to the next area. The glowing arrows will point in the right direction:)

Current Bug/limitation: There are no rounds/matches, due to there not being a "Co-Op" gameplay mode. So the map will not restart on it's own when all players are dead. It must be switched through the Admin panel, on the server, to play another round. Note: You can join the mission again after you've been killed, by reconnecting to the server. Kind of like a respawn.


Edit: Updated for the latest game version. AI seem a bit dumber than usual, and some tend to aim almost straight up, when shooting at you.......something got broke....and I didn't touch it this time:)


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