AA3 server not on master browser list?

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Hi . We had a server for around a year with no problems. We just set up a new server and having major problems with the AA3 server showing up in the server list. I contacted Gameserver who said this is out of their control and is an AA technical problem. If I restart server sometimes the server appears for a short time on list. Other times it appears at random, Mostly its just not visable.The server is running without pb as it was giving auth problems. As pb is no longer supported on AA3 Gameservers recommended to disable it. Idk. Only thing GS said they may fix problem is relocating server. Any advice would be most welcome. As we speaking there is 19 players on server .How IDK? Evilstorm


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    Most of us haven't supported AA3 for years as we are currently supporting AA:PG as it prepares to move out of Beta.

    PB support has officially been dropped, you can still find some old versions out on the web, but not from Evenbalance. One of our regular contributors has it hosted but I can't find the link right now.

    I can't explain why the server will intermittently appear on the steam browser list. I would have to guess that the server is ignoring the steam browser query, thereby steam thinks that it is dead.
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    Ok thanks anyway. I google this problem and found others in all games with this problem , many refering to port settings. Ive passed this back to GS. I know off topic but still over a 1 year period we have had 4500 accounts linked to our old server. I know many would be 2nd and 3rd accounts but a lot of people still keep their hand in on AA3. but there is defo a lot of AA3 players still need convincing that pg is their new game. Regards, Evilstorm
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