Stats Question?

seconds 141372/60= mins 2356.2/60= 39.27 hours
1701 kills /39.27 hours = 43.31 kills/perhour
1701 kills / 487 deaths = 3.493 k/d:r
shotsfiredm4 = 23206
shotshitM4 = 4047
4047/23206 = 17.44% M4 accuracy
spectated player for a few MATCHES, not rounds and they never NEVER used single fire..
this player has 0 comp experience, and
has 43106 / 12506 3.45 k/d:r in the open beta.

This is better than any comp player, not to go around diffrentiating players and levels/classes but even the best pro-pubbers i've seen top out at 2.7 maybe 2.8 k/dr..

This person has NO mic, and never has? so don't say good communication or comms
he runs around blatantly knowing where everyone is, even when 3 of us were constantly providing spam cover fire to cover footsteps.

Is there anyone in charge of moderating or banning known people that are blatantly FOS, or is this game going to permit blatant cheaters the duration of the gamespan?

That is my question, thank you

And i didnt use any names so i didnt break any TOS, thanks again!

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You see the particular pixels at the edge and they dance very fast like John Travolta


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