Tilde Key

.dcG-ccoR^.dcG-ccoR^ Posts: 84Player
Just wondering, has anyone experienced issues bring up their console via tilde key? Ever since updating to Windows 10/New Optin, this has been a hit or miss function. Sometimes it works but most of the time its non functional. Side note, if you press F8 it brings up console but does not bring up server history like "~" does.


  • VR|46.VR|46. Posts: 28Player
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    its actually a keyboard language thingy.. mine is usually at ~ (key after L in my case) but sometimes it changes to ยบ (key just before 1) ..usually happens when i alt tab too much or bring up steam

    well atleast for me this is the case lol

  • .dcG-ccoR^.dcG-ccoR^ Posts: 84Player
    Yup that was it. So weird lol..
    Thanks for your response !
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