Surround Sound correct set up for head set???



  • .sauce.sauce Posts: 308Player
    I sure wish I could get a reply about my basic 2 channel setup and not being able to hear behind me well, even if it's just a "sorry boss it's just you." There seems to be a 20 degree field directly behind me that is a dead zone. I'm fine with everything else but this.
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    Arggh! I was gonna test for that yesterday and forgot!

    Is it possible that the dead zone behind is just a 'levels' issue in which surround processing uses the rears as a fill instead of equal to primaries?

    (Does that make sense what I'm saying?)

    In this game we want all channels equal.

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  • .sauce.sauce Posts: 308Player
    What little I know is that the WWISE engine, when given a 2 channel output, is supposed to mix the directional sound appropriately. A standard 2 channel setup would be two front-facing speakers, virtually incapable of a 360 soundfield. So I don't know if WWISE is designed/capable/configured to mix specifically for headphones, where the speakers are on the sides and can do a much better job of virtualizing front and rear sounds, or what. It does appear as if it's mixing for 2 channel front facing speakers based on how hard it is to hear behind me, but that's a leap of logic I'd rather not take. It's why I'm asking about it.

    It's the same reasoning that explains why Colts and others are seeing better results with CMSS-3D. They are telling windows/WWISE they are using a 5 channel device, letting WWISE mix as such, and then having CMSS-3D reprocess the channels for headphones.

    It's the only thing I can think of that makes sense, but it's a level of speculation that might as well be storytime.
    Hello sir, excellent accuracy.

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