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I tried to report some bugs via clicking on the little bug symbol on the games Launch Screen. All that did was bring up a new page with a help message.


I followed the instructions and still no joy. I clicked on the America's Army Jira Page link to accept the security certificate (or add an exception for https://aa.amrdec.army.mil/jira) as indicated above. Even though it states; (note: you will see a login form but you do not need to login to accept the certificate.) there is nothing else on that page. No place to add anything or box to check to accept certificate. I can only assume that you actually HAVE TO log in but as I don’t have a username/password that’s a dead end.

So next I tried the "Profile Page" http://www.americasarmy.com/profile and clicked on "Submit a bug report" But nothing happens.

What’s a fella to do???


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    Do what I do.. Post bugs on the forum :lol:

    Different browsers have different ways of accepting that silly certificate issue I think, I only use chrome and I had to click on some small advanced options link on the error page it threw up, which then asked me if I was sure I wanted to accept (there could be danger ahead it said.. or something along those lines) and after clicking proceed anyway.. It worked after that.

    I'd use Screenies but now the bugtracker loads I don't see that screen anymore :( Just a white box pops up where I would have to put the bug info.

    I'd like to report that the screenshot Duke posted contains a grammatical error

    "Thanks for taking the time to report an issues.."

    could mean any or an issue :)
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    That could be a symptom of security measures added to keep our Korean Spammers out.
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    I have the Security Certificate here. I think you will get a warning.
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  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 634Moderator
    I was having the same problem as the OP, solved it by being on the jira page before clicking the link in my profile
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