What map is this now?



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    Its crazy how they go from a basic layout to a fully kitted out town/playspace. Amazes me, I hope they do that video progression BC kindly posted for future maps too, it's fascinating to me to see them change and evolve.

    It's rather easy for us to just slap a load of pre-made assets already provided to us.. all together into an empty playspace, get creative with them and call it a new map, they don't have that luxury or else all the maps would start to look samey and repetitive, they have to make a tonne of new assets to give it individuality, all the while testing and re-testing to make sure what they are making works with the map.. it's gotta be laborious and very time consuming. Probably why new official maps are few and far between.

    I would say well worth the wait though :)
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