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I followed the tutorial from the archived forums, [TUTORIAL] Live Stream Security cameras / Post Processing

I have it working perfectly in editor and when testing locally. But like some in that thread, I have only a green screen when on a live server. maclobster had the issue and posted this:
maclobster wrote:
Ok i have it working for the server :mrgreen:
Credits for wolverine

Just dont use the aascenecapturereflectactor
but the scenecapturereflectactor
However I'm not looking for a reflection, just the regular scenecapture.

Any ideas what I need to do?

EDIT :neutral: I figured it out.

I must have been tired when I tried it before because the solution was simple, and I just had to think more about maclobster's quote above. So the trick is to not use the AASceneCapture2DActor but rather the SceneCapture2DActor



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    Good to see you got it working.

    One thing I will say, depending on the number of camera sources you want, you might find people complaining of lag/stutter when playing the map, especially those with lower spec PCs. I think the code used for the capture actor requires all players to constantly compute the captured footage, even if they are not looking at a screen displaying it.

    I built MedCentre with 5 security cameras (streaming to 2 sets of 4 screens) and one mirror, and several clan mates found it unplayable. I had to lower it to two cameras on two screens with no mirror to get it working, and they still say it is not perfect.
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    That's it possible that AAPG's spectate cameras cause lag/stutter???!!

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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