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Layout Based On AA2 Map SF-CSAR.

There Are 3 Objectives in the map. The Blackhawk has 2. After securing Yankee There is a slight Delay before Zulu becomes active. You need to secure Zulu to destroy it. You will also Need to Secure the Pilot X-ray Objective.

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Steam Workshop URL: CSAR2 BDX Version
Steam Workshop URL: CSAR2 FLO Version

Updated: Nov. 7th, 2015 Enjoy!

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Codename - Operation C.S.A.R (AKA SF CSAR)

Location - Mihalijo, Czervenia

Intel - A 2/56 LRCA-R Training UH-60 Black Hawk Helo crashed over Mihalijo at 06:14 hrs. It is believed acting Pilot CPT. Wolverine of JTC-G may have survived and is being held captive by members of the terrorist organization 'Red Coin'. There are reports of high volumes of Red Coin forces seen to be operating in the area, likely actively seeking the helicopter to steal confidential operations information onboard.

Mission Priority/Orders - Secure Alpha Squads downed UH-60 Black Hawk and capture sensitive information before destroying the remaining evidence, proceeding to rescue the captured and likely injured CPT. Wolverine. Heavy NME resistance is to be expected.

Good Luck Soldiers!



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