Want to be a Platinum Player? League of Legends humour

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It turns out a healthy balance between League and life will actually benefit your League of Legends experience. According to recent studies, being overweight for long periods of time can have negative effects on more than just your blood pressure.

It turns out that Obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people of normal weight. Overweight people have 4% less brain tissue than people of normal weight.

Here are the areas effected:
1. Frontal and temporal lobes: Critical for planning and memory
2. Anterior cingulate gyrus: Responsible for attention and executive functions
3. Hippocampus: Important for long-term memory
4. Basal ganglia: Essential for proper movement and coordination

How does this relate to my gameplay experience? Well, it has everything to do with it. Successfully playing League of Legends requires good reaction times, split second decision making, and strategy. League is a more dynamic version of chess.

In no way am I insinuating that all "fit" people will be good at League of Legends or overweight people can't be any good. Some cognitive gifts you are born with just how some people are born to be more attractive. However, to reach our full potential, I truly believe a balanced lifestyle is needed.

Source: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3112384

I found this to be interesting.
Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.


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