Med Centre (WIP)

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This is not my first map, but is the first where I think I have actually built a workable map.





I am happy with the feedback from everyone so far from my clan mates, but if anyone else has and suggestions or issues, let me know.

Known issues (as of 2nd May '15)

1) 3 lights are overly bright. They will be fixed
2) Doors do not seem to be lighting correctly, so I need to work out how to fix this.
3) There is one defib box item hanging in mid air in one of the ward rooms. I think the item it was on disappeared, so will be replaced.
4) Area on north side of the building needs to be blocked off as Bravo team should not be able to camp under the North fire escape.
5) There is no ambient noise, so it is very easy to hear footsteps, but not easy to work out where they are.

Possible improvements

1) Objectives - initially I need to work out the best places for the three objectives where it is not made easier for one team to reach and take than the other.
2) If I can work it out, I will try to set up several random combinations of objectives so that it changes each round.

Edit 2 See below.


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    looks good so far
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    Does look good.
  • [SR]thijs4555[SR]thijs4555 Posts: 30Player
    will this be the new inner??
  • looks nice :)

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    Nice work, looks fun :)
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    Released another update to the map today.
    • All of the lighting should now be fixed, with no overly bright spots, and less overly dark spots.
    • Someone reported that you could vault over the South fire escape stirs into the fenced off area. This has now been fixed with a blocking volume.
    • Comm volumes have been added to some parts of the map. These will be added as I can.
    • Random objectives were added last week, and have now been increased to 3 sets.
    • A couple of rooms have been tweaked to suit the new objective locations
    • Ambient noise has been added which will hopefully reduce the audibility of footsteps. A few other noises have been added.
    • A couple of exploding bottles have been added in the surgery to see if the kismet works.
    • North West corner has been further fenced off to reduce shooting North fire escape, as it is too difficult to see down, but easy to see up.

    I have just noticed that by the South East roof ladder, there is a cement pile that would allow you to climb on the fence. Why you would want to, I don't know, but I will keep it in mind for next update.

    If anyone finds any bugs or issues, either with something always there, or something new, please comment.
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    I have added a few audio things into the map, and have increased ambient to try to reduce the distance you can hear footsteps.
    I have also added security camera live feeds to room near the two spawns. Initially this was 7 cameras played on two sets of 7 monitors, but for some people this would cause a drop in frame rate. I have tried reduceing it to four cameras, but there was still stutter, so now I have reduced it to two sets of two monitors, which cycle between the feeds from four cameras.
    Hopefully this will reduce the stutter further.
    I have also added what could be considered a mirror, but for some reason on random rounds it doesn't display an image. Probably a kismet issue, but as I am not 100% happy with it, it may disappear before the map goes final.
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    Something has broken the map on the workshop, so won't let me upload any more updates. I don't want to remove the map from the workshop, as there are already >1600 subscribers, and having to get the server admins to notice the change and re-upload the new one is hassle.

    Does anyone know a way to replace a map on the workshop with a brand new version by deleting it but keeping the same subscriptions/followers?

    In the mean time, I have released a night time version of the map, with all the updates I can';t add to the day one. Obviously with it being a mostly in door map, it is only on the roof and on the fire escapes where darkness plays more of a part. Hopefully with this 50/50 mix of light and dark, less people will play with their gamma/brightness (which I consider unsportsmanlike).

    If anyone sees any issues with the darker lighting, let me know. Some places may be too light, and I will tweak them with feedback.



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