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    That's exactly what a "set nade" is. It's a throw that takes place from a preset location to a preset destination. They're known for taking practice and a strong understanding of the map.

    Other games have sites like operationl2p.com that collect the best set nades and set smokes and share them. Some of those require a very high degree of accuracy and even consistency in how the canister bounces.

    Like I said a level 5 can do those grenades without "strong understanding of the map." Tell him to stand in a place, put his finger on some element or texture and his done, he can put a frag through a small afar hole. I've been in a clan too... I know...

    Next thing we know there's someone that setups player-less tests of grenade paths, collects data of successful throws to a certain position of interest to test, with position and direction to aim and it's still skill...
    Let's take brute force to another level! Wink wink BCPull...
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    I recognize the sarcasm, but... (edit for clarity: this was in response to Colts' post)

    I mean, it kind of depends on how you define skill. You could argue that just using operationl2p smokes is no better than memorization and not inherently skillful because other people "found" them. On the other hand, being able to call from a mental list of 100s of perfect smokes and flashes for whatever play your team wants to make requires a degree of practice and dedication.
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    I'm addressing the foundation of it.
    Of course you also need to practice the nades so you can pull them faster and in the heat of the fight. I know I did... So, for sure thats something you master. Just like if weapons had no recoil you would still have to master aiming them...
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    Meh. Building probability density functions for every interesting grenade has zero interest for me as a game mechanic. We're at risk of looping back on the past 8 pages of this topic now, so that's all I'll say there.
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    Ofcourse it's skill. However being able to land nades at any time on any target is a far better skill imo. :)

    Set nades just require you to learn and practice the throws. (still requires skill)
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    I never said I was against set nades... It's gonna happen... people know the rush times, people know the good spots, etc. There's many you don't even have to practice offline...

    My suggestion for a tiny variance in the velocity length was for those grenades that people can put afar consistently into small passages, from cover.

    That's all.

    And yes I do agree that being able to land a nade at any time through any path is a far better skill.
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    Don't need any variance of any sort .. ever

    Anyone can hit these nades in an empty server, its a different story when it counts! .. missed nades happen all the time in game, whether in pub of comp because other factors come into play and you want to get the nade off as quickly as possible.
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