[Map Release] Operation:Octopus



  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    I noticed the map has some issues with fps in some areas. It wasn't like that before. I'd suggest trying to optimize it a bit.
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    edited June 2016
    Thanks for the info wolv. Nothing was majorly changed so I wonder why. Only fixed the missing assets , re-added the sound and rebuilt lighting. I'll try and look into it as soon as I get a chance. Any tips?

  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    some assets got new distance values.
    try to use culldistance volumes to set the draw distance of the objects.
    So i tried to optimize Impact2ndwave too.

    Hope i could help
    Gz Modtools
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    Yeah what MT said. Just do lots of hiding. All you interior stuff can easily be hidden. Set up their distance small enough to only render when you're near them.

    Things in the distance that are not in play, turn of their shadows, remove collision. Creating your own materials from stock textures would help too. Less intense material shaders. I.e. Normal maps, specularity map....etc.

    Using meshes to block off long sights. Cut down on dynamic stuff, in and on.
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