OpFor weapons from this weekend

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For anybody that missed it, wants to relive the glory, or just wants the Weapon Preview videos time-condensed a bit...


  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,191Player
    I'm gonna be watching that on repeat until May 7. Thanks <3
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    yeah... thats some good .... people drop with that AK
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  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    Oh, I like em. B)
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  • CaterPCaterP Posts: 190Developer
    Already dug up the enemy pistol I see; can't hide anything these days1
  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,137Player
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    Weapons need to sound meaner. The sounds of OpFor weapons aren't scary enough :D. I think that goes for just about every weapon in the game (except maybe the pistols).

    Compare this (Go to 0:56):
    To this (2:36):

    This (0:40):
    To This (1:50):
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
  • SOPMODSOPMOD Posts: 230Player
    That *clank* noise (from the ejector i think) in the real life AK-105 video. :o We need that.
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    What you notice from game sounds vs the YouTube video sounds is that game sounds have a lack of higher frequency (treble) and echo. YouTube is probably recorded in mono so you don't get a true life sound anyway. Echo would be nice but that depends on an open or closed environment. You are not going to hear echo in a Hospital but you would hear it more in Downtown.

    When you shoot a real weapon you "feel" the "thump" from the round leaving the barrel from air expansion. I think the best way to mimic that is to keep the bass levels of the guns as is but add a secondary treble sound for echo. Basically similar to the sound of the infamous M24 but it would be nice if gunfire sounds were based on particular maps.

    Probably to much to ask??
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