[SEALs]-Are Recruiting Solid Mature Players. Need a Team? Join [SEALs] and become a brother.

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sealwarfare.com Also you can connect to our teamspeak here>> ts3server://

[SEALs] are recruiting team members. for all information check out our proffesional Web-Site, sealwarfare.com[ You can connect to our teamspeak without typing in the IP by going to the website and click on connect to teamspeak. We are a fun team which offers 2 servers, solid foundation, and a place where you can be you. We are easy going and offer memberships to those who are mature and looking for a team to stay in cause they will love it. In [SEALs], we are a team. We run as a team and not by one person. Come join us and Remember.... A team is a family that cant be bent or broken. Join [SEALs] and become a brother. We are waiting for you. Add me to steam: [SEALs]-PREACHER!


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