Authorization Help Plz

I have a rented dedicated server thought Game Servers

I registered with AA and have my auth name and password.

I have been getting this MSG when I locate my server by ip addy in AA browser : "this server is not authorized to report your americas army stats"
heres a link to a video of my issue

I believe what I need to do is update a file with my auth information, but I have no idea what file, or where to find it.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.



  • Make sure your startup line (from config > startup) in the dropdown contains your auth info.
  • =NOC=BWSNinja=NOC=BWSNinja Posts: 34Player
    We had the very same problem with gameservers, after 4 days of waiting and getting random copy and paste response to our support ticket, we moved on to another provider.
    Server working beautifully straight away.
  • GBGangstaGBGangsta Posts: 63Developer
    If you email with IP details Ill check the auth to make sure its registered correctly
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