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Ok so i use to be able to see about 12000 assets now only 3875, what gives??? :(


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    They are hiding them from you. :p

    No really tho.... Are you fully loading everything? I could be wrong, don't ever remember that many in game. [TOS Violation] I think 4k is too many also.
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    It goes up and down sometimes 4085 some times lower, i remember awhile back when map editor was still kinda new maybe about six months. I opened it up and i was playing around with all the assets and i scrolled to the top and seen army game, so i right clicked and hit fully load and i look up in the right corner and see 12000 items! I was like now we are cooking, but it only happen that once. Did anybody ever do a tutorial on what to look under to find special assets, like for snow or fire you look up FX?
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    Yep, each group of assets have their own place.. sounds.. effects, materials etc.. You can use the search function (or folder structure) within the content browser to shortlist the different packages for ease of use and helps with finding what you need.

    If you fully load the assets from AAgame, its basically loading every single asset used by the game, including things you likely wont ever use, things like animations and skeletal meshes.. which is likely why your seeing so many.

    I wish my PC would let me load up mass amounts of assets like that but after loading so many, even indivdually.. it can make working in the editor groggy and becomes painfully counter productive to the point of fearing a lockup/crash :(
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