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America’s Army Forums Terms of Service

Forums Posting Related Rules:

  1. You may not create topics that already exist on the forum
  2. You may not use red color within a post, this color is reserved for our staff only.
  3. You may not post solely or predominantly in capital letters; “cRazY CaPs”; excessive text spacing or line breaks; or use “1337 5p34k” or other hard-to-read writing styles
  4. You may not conduct conversations in foreign languages. The official language of the forums is English.
  5. You may not number a thread, post “FIRST!” , “IBTL”, or any other fad statement
  6. You may not abuse the Report feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
  7. You may not impersonate Staff
  8. You may not advertise games that are not America’s Army related (including sigs)
  9. You may not create alternative accounts with malicious intentions

Behavior Related Rules:

  1. You may not insult another player
  2. You may not name and shame another player
  3. You may not send abusive or offensive private messages
  4. You may not excessively communicate the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish, also known as spamming.
  5. You may not post any inappropriate signatures, images, or videos.
  6. You may not use inappropriate language and/or profanity (even if abbreviated)
  7. You may not make derogatory comments, including jokes in “bad taste”
  8. You may not promote or incite ToS violations
  9. You may not discuss nor link to social, religious, political, or topics that may create controversy, as well as negatively portraying religious or political figures
  10. You may not discuss nor link to cheats, hacks, malicious programs, drugs, or illegal activities
  11. You may not post for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  12. You may not make non-constructive posts, or create threads on non-constructive topics
  13. You may not post off topic comments, such as attempting to derail serious threads, or create topics in the wrong forum section
  14. You may not create petition threads or polls that are not aimed at conducting a discussion
  15. You may not insult or make derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference
  16. You may not distribute other forum users’ personal information
  17. You may not post death threats or other threats of violence in real life, directed towards either other forum users or members of Staff
The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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