Opt-in beta test voice chat only works for one server HELP!!

We ran 5 servers and the first one started was the only one that had voice chat . all settings were same and the box was checked for VOIP and ghost VOIP . We shut down all our servers and started a different one that didnt have voice and it had voice chat in server then we started up another server and it didnt have voice . Is this a common problem or a bug with the new beta ? just looking for little help on this issue so we know .


  • [CIA]SycoKill3r[CIA]SycoKill3r Posts: 12Player
    Still looking for some help in this . The normal beta not OPT-in one ... All 6 of our servers voice works in game . The OPT-in 1 and 2 only 1 server can have voice . Doesnt matter what server i start it will have voice but every server i start after that does not have voice in it . I was wondering if anyone else has this problem ? our ip is same for all servers just port is different . Can anyone help us on this problem .
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