HaVoK looking for FN

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Hit me up on steam. Need a couple to help us get some Double U's at FN over in the Open league.

pic 4 pic
no fat chicks

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  • BigBadWolf.HvK-BigBadWolf.HvK- Posts: 1Player
  • Gronfather@twitchGronfather@twitch Posts: 466Player

    Great group though HaVoK is a staple in the AA community, good luck guys!

  • Sp0t.OnSp0t.On Posts: 3Player
    I am interested in a comp. team! I haven't been playing for an extremely long time, but I am getting better. I have one other account, 'Widget-' was only lvl 12-15 if you wan to check it out. I made a new one for statistic purposes not knowing that it will be reset eventually.
    Message or email me, sp0ton@yahoo.com for more info, contact information ect. I have looked at a couple different teams, c5 ect but it doesn't look like they want someone as new as I am.
  • [eNv]KevTron-[eNv]KevTron- Posts: 13Player
    no tools. danggg :(
  • KhaInTaaKhaInTaa Posts: 59Player
    ill join
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