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Hey Guys

I realized that i have no chance to play the game in future with my current notebook. So i have got two offers. Please give me your recommendations and experience, because I'm not really an IT crack.

So, first offer:

Asus G750JZ
Intel® Core™ i7 4710HQ, 2.4ghz - 3.4ghz
Windows 8.1
17.3 Inch
Intel HD 4600
128GB SSD Crucial
1500GB Harddisk
Price: 1157€ (in use and warranty until July 2016)

Second offer:

Intel® Core™ i7 4810MQ, 2.7ghz - 3.7 ghz
Windows 8.1
NVIDIA®-Grafikkarte GeForce® GTX 880M 8GB GDDR5
17,3 Inch
16 GB RAM (2x 8 GB DDR3)
256 GB SSD (2x 128 GB mSATA)
1 TB (SATA) 7.200rpm
Price: 1253€ (in use and warranty until June 2016)

Thank you


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    The second offer is definitely faster and more future proof than the first, so if the price difference isn't that much worse for you, I would go with the second.

    Then again I really don't recommend buying a laptop for gaming. That plus a GTX 980m if you can get it would be much better in terms of power consumption and heat.
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    I dont think you'll find too much better in the way of laptops at that price. Obviously I'd recommend not getting a laptop period. BUT if thats what you need then the second one would be the safer fit. A little extra video memory to cache those beauties in the release. Plus a major bonus is the 256 GB SSD. 128 goes too fast imo. Plus the extra processor speed for only 100 euros more. I'd take the second offer.
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  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    At first thank you for your comments.

    I forgot to write that the second one is an MSI GT70. Only reason why i currently prefer the Asus is that i read about the MSI's very loud fan, due to it only has one. Asus has two.

    I want to go for a notebook, because i don't want to loose room just for gaming. I really only use a computer for gaming, nothing else.
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