Release Notes?

-=NoBS=-Reyfox_I-=NoBS=-Reyfox_I Posts: 65Beta Tester
Is it possible to get release notes on new server builds if there are any changes in the .ini files?
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  • -=[VGO]=-mmchaos-=[VGO]=-mmchaos Posts: 83Moderator
    i am sure it will be posted in a couple places here.
    after you get a look around rey im sure you will agree the new forums are as "awesome" as you.
    they are still getting things set up . working into the night so to say.
  • -=NoBS=-Reyfox_I-=NoBS=-Reyfox_I Posts: 65Beta Tester
    edited April 2015
    Great! Those Devs have had it easy too long!! 
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