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    There are a number of things AA3 did quite well. Positional sound was miles better. Weapon sounds.... I think they were better then, but that could be debatable.
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    Weapon sounds isn't a huge deal to me because it's simply something you need to get used to.. the current problem is distinguishing where it came from, or the fact that fire in a distance is too quiet.

    If this game had AA3 sound I'd be happy
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    I have a very hard time hearing someone moving around me on for example redline, let's say an enemy was actually shooting around 7 meters right of me, with his back to me as I was behind him, and I could not position him well nor hear any of his footsteps.

    I think we are underestimating the importance of a little bit less realistically but bigger sound of footsteps in a game. In order to get a game more succesful for competition purposes as well, it is very important that there is some tactical part involved in which you can hear normal movement well, so normal footsteps should be loud.

    Should somebody want to be more stealth, they should make the decision to do a slowproning (or slowcrouching with some covering sound by a teammate) movement. But if they walk or run around, we should be able to hear it from a solid distance.

    This might not be totally realistic, but for gameplay purposes it makes the game much more tactical and enjoyable.

    Some people might complain that others might hear a lot, but hey, these are usually the players that run around like that, which shouldn't be smart anyways. Now the running around gets you rewarded with free flank kills if you come around them fast since nobody could hear you coming.

    <p>Dear Developers,</p>

    <p>Sorry but I was just about to put my feedback in to the dedicated thread as it was closed, and I though that I would still have the weekend to do so.</p>

    <p>it is already possible to hear the potential of the new sound engine Wwise, but currently it is worst then in the default public build in most cases.</p>

    <p>The biggest problem is the global muffling that is even noticeable in the loading screen videos, so it seems like a global problem, of course its seems most noticeable on weapons.</p>

    <p>- its muffled (dead-sound,bassy) in general including the videos<br>
    - its imbalanced, like the weapon sounds in relation to the firing mode change sound or like the magazine change<br>
    - the weapons might be more realistic because of the ear protection, but I want weapon sounds that delivers their power too me (like in AA2)<br>
    - bad distance reliability, sometimes I can hear a healing mate far a way in other building<br>
    - geometry, like walls often not reduces the sounds as they should<br>
    - own footsteps are still misinterpretable as one of the enemies<br>
    - locating a soundsource is still pretty hard sometimes<br>
    - footsteps are too much silent</p>

    <p>Soundchips: EMU20K1 (X-Fi) + ALC892 (onboard) via Sennheiser Stereo Headphones + 5.1 Headphones</p>

    Dear devs we (Gamers) need a sounds to play for esport match and casual play no to real battlefield simulation,
    if we don't get perfect sounds with clear directional and correct distancing we cannot play. If we stop play game, game is lost like AA3, this is sad but many times the game was dying because esport community ceased to grow and game don't had good promotion in internet, look at CS this game have simple sounds, VFX and physics but it makes the game is playable and People play it for years.
    I would like to AA: PG returned to the glory years of AA 2, I started play when i was 13 years old so i playing 10 years want play next 10 years in AA:PG

    3 good feedback ;)
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    The only thing I don't understand is to me the gun sounds were fine in the current build so why did they waste time they claim they don't have overhauling all the sounds unless I guess they couldn't just port over the old sounds because it is two different sound engines.

    Few things I would like to see with sound which I didn't see with the opt-in weekend is
    - to be able to distinguish the distance of the sound (footsteps, gunshots)
    -- Why does enemy fire from across the map sound just like it is right next to me. Can we get all gun fire to be relative to distance so that when 24 people in a server are shooting at once it doesn't sound like some big cluster of sounds that is horrible for the ears and bad for game play
    - Elevation of sound so I can tell if the footsteps are above me or below me
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    They couldn't just port the sounds. Everything needed to pretty much be redone from scratch. That's why it took them so long to implement to begin with.
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    Some sounds are truly hi-fi and some parts like those foot steps need to be adjusted.
    Best detailed sound what I found was when empty shell is bouncing on the floor inside building.
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