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  • http://forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/7644/aa5-discussion-thread-renamed#latest There's a lot of discussion in that thread; People don't visit the forums how they used to, but there are plenty of threads discussing what people want to see…
  • I know this thread is old, but I do know that many (or all) of these AFA icons were updated/changed. Would anyone be willing to post a list of all of the new AFA Icons -- who can?
  • Hey, here is the link: https://www.americasarmy.com/account/settings/afa You could also try reporting the issue here: https://www.americasarmy.com/support/general I will say that the AA:PG team is most likely rather small, and this could be a …
  • sicknasstee wrote: » xRune wrote: » There's an old post that showed up when I googled this btw, something about the game being totally free means they can't have Trophies on PSN according to that. This isn't true. Apex Legends, for example, h…
  • .!.dgodfather wrote: » Isn't the 2 minute round COD just death match though? There are no objectives right? I personally hope to see an Army experience out of the game with majority realism with slower rounds with more developing action. Maybe …
  • I hope the next AA game has much faster rounds. 4 minutes is far too long for a best of 11. That'll give you games that potentially last over half an hour. I think 2 minute rounds, like in MW would be better. Current meta is way too campy, and I thi…
  • jgvn11 wrote: » Probably trying to coincide with the release of the new console systems. I think so too. I'm not sure about the size of AA5's team, but I think they only have about 2-3 people working on AA:PG.
  • There are plenty of bugs that have been in the game for years, some that may have existed since its launch. It's not necessarily that the developers are doing nothing to fix it -- it could just be low on the list of their priorities. They've said…
  • Personally, I think all of the skins currently available are dull looking, It'd be nice to have something in loud colors for a change.
  • I'm quite sure it's possible. Will it happen? Probably not.
  • No, it can be played on PC and PS4 only -- though AA5 may be available on more or less platforms when it comes out.
  • Though I wouldn't be able to play it (PS4 player), I think that parachute part is very creative! It reminds me of the intros on the various Modern Warfare (2019) maps.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI- wrote: » You can select it even though it says locked so pick it and then join a server and you will have it. Actually, some people , including myself, cannot select locked skins that we should have unlocked. I've been trying to…
  • Use it how? You can view your stats for AAPG from the profile page, from the main website, not the forums. There's also a community run stat tracker website as well, you can use the following link: http://www.aastats.com/
  • Did you edit video to include paint to better illustrate where the grenade lands, or is that some cosmetic option available on PC? Nice Video btw, Will have to try this on PS4.
  • frankof wrote: » Aim and single shot. The sway and recoil is sort of semi random, but in general, pull down and to the left. ^ This. Single shots are for far range of course (60+ meters), but other than that you should use auto. You want to…
  • Not sure if there is an asia server considering the target population for the game is in the U.S. I know that my connection generally sucks at times but that has more to do with my PS4's connection to the wifi.. Could be the same for you.
  • For either of the stats sites, would it be possible to add an ability to to view the KDR for each weapon. For instance, view the number of times I've died whilst having the M4A1 equipped (in hand/active) and the number of kills I've gotten with t…
  • You can always report players, but I understand your concern. The game simply doesn't have the code/AI to be able to point out when players are engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct. The game can't detect when a team mate is trapping/blocking you …