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  • Over the past week we have been doing some housecleaning and re-arranging of the leaderboards over at AAStats.com. We have consolidated the Official and Unofficial sections of the leaderboards into one Other Leaderboards section, and removed many…
  • doogle! wrote: » My comment isn't directed at you. It stands alone really. Roger that.
  • doogle! wrote: » Rip aa2.0. AA5 is DOA. Good job, Army. Just curious as to why you think what I posted about is Army's fault? Even if the new version had been released already, I think there would be a real danger of it being discontinued du…
  • Then again maybe there won't be an AA5 at all… On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, announced plans to file a measure to block the military from using video games and esports as recruitment methods. https:…
  • Tanzeem208 wrote: » How can I find my name in there? Your player page: http://aastats.com/player_stats.php?guid=Tanzeem208&platform=ps4 The second column in the General Statistics section shows your position in the all-time Top Player…
  • Maybe you mean AAStats.com?
    in Leader Board Comment by [soldier] May 29
  • We have SCAR stats on your AAStats.com player page:
  • ACI offers a free clan tag protection service for any clan who streams a game server to us. It doesn't cover players on official servers or servers who don't stream to us, but the majority of them do. AntiCheatInc Clan Tag Protection system is…
    in Imposter Comment by [soldier] March 31
  • Registration is no longer required so you should be good to go.
  • There is no way for us to know in the stats engine what weapon you were carrying when you were killed.
  • We had a VIP request to add Revives, Secures, and Takedowns to the Top Players List. Those items are now available for all time period selections:
  • We have added a Time Period option to the Top Players List. In addition to the previously available All-time list, the following time periods can be selected for display: • Previous day • Previous 7 days • Previous 30 days The list can b…
  • We have added the new M17 and SCAR-H challenges to the player stats page for both platforms:
  • The official site: https://www.americasarmy.com/soldier/Sixstringz80/psn or AAStats.com http://aastats.com/player_stats.php?platform=ps4&guid=Sixstringz80
  • I think maybe you have found a bug in the game with displaying Steam accounts, this player does have one: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207991323
  • I have no clue what he was on about but if he is complaining about a clan isn't it against the forum rules?
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Start playing the game. Dev's dont need a cheerleader. I wasn't cheerleading for Devs, but I get that you missed that.
  • If you order the Kindle version you can start reading right away.
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Post your stats soldier. I'm curious. Nice deflection. And my comment was directly in response to your statement about the developers, it had nothing to do with game play. If it matters to you so much, my stats are prett…
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Your parents took you to pride parades didnt they? Maybe you will want to read it twice.